Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Roku Food Channels - Roku Channels Store - Roku Free Channels

As we know, Roku provides you movies channels, News channels, Sports channels and many more other channels. With this, Roku also comes with latest and updated Roku Cooking channel that will bring you various ideas and tricks about cooking and food items. Moreover, you will also get the tips about all kind of spices and traditional plates from all over the world afetr activating your Roku Account. Basically, cooking channel is free and it is sponsored by OVP Roku channel developer.

Roku Food Channels

Popular Food channels in Roku are:

  • Indian recipes
  • Watch Food Network
  • Mexican Food
  • Italian Food
  • Southern Food
  • Vegetarian recipes
  • Tastemade
  • BBQ N Grill

  • 1. Indian recipes: - Indian food offers you more than 5000 trustworthy and practical food videos from the top chefs such as Sanjay Thumma, Hari Nayak, Vikas Khana and many more. So, in this way you can enjoy the recipes for Indian deserts, Punjabi, Gujarati etc. You can also take advantage of these dishes on the festival seasons such as Holi, Diwali, Pongal, Eid etc.

    2. Watch Food Network: - Watch Food network offers you various live shows like the cutthroat kitchen, Guy’s grocery games, Chopped, Beat Bobby flay and many more. You can also access this via cable or satellite subscription through participating TV providers.

    3. Mexican Food: - You can watch more than one thousand of food videos on Mexican cooking by In this, you can enjoy the recipes for Enchilada, Quesadilla, Deserts, Taco, salsa, Drinks, kids, Healthy, vegetarian and other foods you love the most.

    4. Italian Food: - Italian food by offers you more than 4000 food videos on Italian cooking. You can enjoy and learn the recipes for Italian pizza, Bruschetta, Canoli, Deserts, Lasagna, Kids, healthy, drinks, Pasta and much more.

    5. Southern Food: - Southern food by contains a wide collection of soulful southern classic recipes that you will find tasty and very simple in making. Moreover, you will really like the taste of fried chickens, buttermilk biscuits, and many other dishes.

    6. Vegetarian recipes: - Vegetarian food by provides you various vegetarian and vegan cooking videos that will help you to during make dishes. You can enjoy the vegetarian salad, Sandwiches, Raw, Deserts and many more healthy environment-friendly food.

    Roku Food Channels

    7. Tastemade: - You will get travel shows, Entraining food, awe-inspiring original series and tasty recipes with proper video instructions and easy to follow cooking classes that will really help you.

    Roku Food Channels

    8. SAVEUR: - Learn to create authentic dishes with proper videos from the SAVEUR magazines. You will experience the video segments featuring top chefs, and invaluable techniques that will bring the best flavors for you. So, in this way, by learning from the magazines you can make the dishes by you.

    9. BBQ N Grill: - BBQ N Grill also offers you many new tricks and tactics of cooking food. You can just watch the videos and make the best recipes by you. This will also enhance your cooking skills.

    So, that’s all about the cooking channels, make your cooking the best cooking by watching the latest updates from the above-mentioned channels. This will also help you to learn more about other culture’s dishes and other most watched Roku Channels

    You can watch all these channels on your Roku streaming player. In case, you feel any issue then contact our Roku Com Link Help & Support. Our Roku team will help you and guide you as per your requirement. 

    Friday, 21 April 2017

    How to download A&E Channel on Roku Player

    Ohhh! A&E  on  Roku. Amazing, it’s big news for Roku users. The A&E is a new great way to access full episodes as well as mini clips. But the big thing is you can stream the live content at your home and from your own Roku device. So, the users who are waiting for A& E their time to wait has finished now. You can stream your favorite shows including  Bates Motel, Storage wars and Duck Dynasty and many more. You can create a watch list of your favorite shows. Apart of it, on A&E you can watch exclusive clips of latest and upcoming shows that you will never find on the television. If you feel any trouble during this, then take help from our well-qualified Roku Com Link Help team.

    If you don’t have subscribed to participating satellite TV service or cable then its better option f or you to stream number of unlocked videos. Moreover, if you want to take full access then you have to subscribe to a cable TV service. You will see participating cable providers are listed at In addition to it, you will also see dozens of local companies that will provide you full access. A&E content is only available in the united states.

    Get A&E app on the android, iPhone and iPad:-

    You can watch your favorite A&E shows on your android as well as apple devices. For this, download the A&E app on your device and get the full access to free movies, shows, music etc. You will every day get one new video uploaded on the A&E app. Here are some steps that you that you should follow for downloading the A&E app.
    1. Go to the home screen from the Roku remote.
    2. Move towards Roku channel store and open it.
    3. In the movies and TV section find the A&E app.
    4. Click on the download button to download it.
    5. Once you have downloaded this app then go to the “My channels”.
    6. Next, find A&E and clock on it to watch the live content.

    Roku Features:-

    • It is very easy to use and free to download.
    • It is available in the U.S Territories, Canada, and U.S.
    • In addition to it, you can watch full episodes on your own mobile phone.
    • Full access to create a customized watch list of favorite shows.
    In addition to A&E, you can also enjoy some other Roku Free Channels that you will also enjoy. These channels will also provide you live content.
    1. Acorn TV
    2. Starz
    3. Moreover, PBS
    4. Sling television
    This is all about A&E app. Its easy use and channels will change your view to watch the live content. While installation of this app on the mobile phone, if you feel any issue or trouble then no need to worry. We will provide you fill guidance and step by steps guidelines for your resolving your issues.

    Similarly, you can call us anytime. Our expert technical team is 24/7*365 days available for you. They will definitely provide you the optimal solution. 

    Wednesday, 12 April 2017

    How to add Facebook on Roku

    Roku is a streaming player which is basically designed to stream the wide range of content from the number of channels or apps. Via the internet, you can watch any movie, TV shows, music and many more. In addition to it, you can also link to your social media’s account like Facebook. This process is a little bit different from the setting up of Roku or adding channels on it. But you don’t worry. We will help you while this linking process. By the Add Facebook on Roku, you get updated with the recent happenings, latest technological events etc. In addition to it, you can also post your photos, videos on the Facebook. It is also a great source to get in touch with friends and family.

    Steps to install facebook on Roku:-

    If you want to use facebook on the Roku streaming player then you must first have to add facebook on the Roku. Some Roku player contains facebook as a pre-installed app but may not. Here are some steps that you should follow for adding facebook on Roku.

    • First of all, press the home button on the Roku remote to reach on the home screen.
    • You will see various icons showing you settings, channel store and many more. Go to the channel store. It is located near the setting icon. After this, choose the facebook photos channels.
    • Please read the information carefully.
    •  Next, you will see install option on the screen. Please click on it.
    • After the installation, enter the username and password using the on-screen keyboard.
    • May be you will be asked to authorize your account, click on the authorize button and full fill the required information.
    • After this, you will come to your facebook home page. As per your requirement use it.
    • Moreover, if you want to see the profile pictures of your friends then use the left or right arrow keys on the Roku remote.
    • Apart of it, if you want to change your profile picture or want to post something then you can also do this.
    • In other words, we can say that if you want to remain updated with the latest things then you must use facebook on the Roku streaming player.

    How can you login to your Facebook Account on Roku?
    • First of all, log in to your facebook account.
    • Go to the channel store.
    • You will be only able to access Roku channel store if you have entered the Roku activation link code in the account.
    • After this, go to and enter the link code.
    • In case, you are unable to submit the link code then request for new link code.
    • For this, go to
    • Here, click on the allow access and click on the retrieved code.
    • Now, enter the right code in the right place.
    • After performing the above steps, you will definitely able to use facebook on the Roku streaming player.

    If you feel any issue or difficulty then doesn’t take help from the local technicians. They will not properly help you. Take help from our expert team. Our dedicated Roku team will guide you and suggest you about your problems.

    Thursday, 6 April 2017

    Activate Feeln on Roku | Steps to activate Feeln Channel

    Activate Feeln on Roku:

    Are you searching for Feeln channel? Do you want to enjoy feeln on your Roku?  If it is true then no need to worry. As if you want to enjoy Hollywood movies and TV shows in your Roku device then feeln is a good option for you. So, in this article, we provide you complete information about the feeln channel.  
    Let we first talk that what exactly the feeln is?

    About Feeln:

    Feeln is one of the amazing Hollywood streaming channel founded by California.  Rob Fired is the founder of feeln. Using feeln on Roku you can easily enjoy Hollywood movies and TV serials into your Roku streaming device. Generally, by using the feeln there is no need to buy some extra channels or device.

    Moreover, you can easily enjoy this on your Roku streaming device.  With feeln, you can access 100+ original films and the real story based TV serials.  Now, let we talk about the name of devices that fully support the feeln channel. So, for this, you can see below.  

    Devices that supports feeln are

    • Fire TV
    • Apple TV
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • Tablets
    • Android and
    • The Roku TV.
    That’s all about feeln.  Hence, without wasting too much time let we move towards the Activate Feeln on Roku. So, in order to activate feeln on your device, you must need to follow some easy and basic steps. But before disclosing the activation steps, you should always keep the following points in your mind.

    Points to be remember

    • You should have the working television.
    • The user should have the working Roku device.
    • The user must have the working internet connection.
    • The user’s Roku device must be connected to the internet connection.
    So, before proceeding towards the feeln activation steps, always keep all the above points in your mind.

    Activation steps for feeln

    • First of all, ensures that your device (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) and your Roku device must be connected to the working internet connection.
    • Now, from your preferable device go to “Roku channel store”.
    • Download the “feeln app” from the Roku channel store.
    • Now, you should install the “feeln app”.
    • Once you install the feeln app, next step is to bring your Roku remote and then click on the “Already a Member?”
    • Now, use your computer (any device) and go to
    • This will ask you about your account information.
    • So, if you are new Roku user then create your own account on Roku by filling name, address, email, contact number and the payment information.
    • If you are the Roku user then no need to create a new account. You just need to log in your account.  
    • You see that the screen will show you the “activation code”.
    • Now, from your computer enter the activation code in the “activation screen”.
    • After performing the above step, click on “continue”.
    • After sometimes, you will see that Roku is now fully activated. With this, you are able to enjoy feeln on your Roku streaming device.
    In order to get more information, just go to Roku.Com/Link.
    In case you face any trouble while activating feeln on Roku device then don’t get panic. We are always here for your help. So, while facing any problem with Roku don’t sit silently. Just wake up and go to Roku Com Link Help & support.
    The Roku support will provide you suitable and best solution than anybody else. So, no needs to look here and there just go to Roku support for your queries. Moreover, you can also take the help from the online Roku support.  We can show you some issues which can solve by the Roku support.

    Issues solved by Roku support

    • Wireless network issues.
    • Roku remote control issues.
    • Channel related issues.
    • Setup issues.
    • Roku Com Link Account Activation related issues.
    • Roku link code issues.
    • Account related issues.
    • And other Roku-related issues.
    • Compatibility issues.
    • PIN code related issues.

    Monday, 3 April 2017

    How to watch NOGGIN Channel on Roku - Roku Channels

    In these days, Roku is the one of most popular streaming devices in the USA. Moreover, Roku streaming device is basically popular for online streaming. Besides this, you access streaming data on your phone via Roku. In addition, Roku streaming player Roku provides lots of streaming channels that is free as well as paid. You can access more than 1000+ streaming app such as Netflix, hulu, starz com, HGTV, NBS News, CNN, FXnetworks on Roku and many more. Apart from this, Roku provides channels in different categories such as home, sports, movies, shows and kids. There are lots of channels for kids that you can find on Roku. Now Roku provides on-demand service of NOGGIN to users. You can use NOGGIN on Roku by purchasing from Roku channel store.

    Benefits of NOGGIN:

    1. NOGGIN is an online video service that you can use and access on your Roku player. So, now you can see the benefits of NOGGIN.
    2. Firstly, NOGGIN provides free trial. You can use it before subscribing NOGGIN on Roku
    3. You can use NOGGIN easily on Roku without any extra efforts
    4.  NOGGIN provides different educational episodes in the different ways
    5. It provides new videos on the weekly basis
    6. You can choose as well as enjoy a safe and ad-free service for your kid
    7. Unsubscribe NOGGIN from Roku at anytime
    How to install NOGGIN:

    • From here, you can find out the steps and install NOGGIN on Roku. Firstly, follow the provided steps.
    • Press “home” button from your Roku remote control and access Roku home screen
    • Here you can see “streaming channel” option, you have to click on that first
    • Now you are able to access Roku channel store
    • After that, find the categories options. And select kids from here
    • Then you can find NOGGIN over there
    • Once you get it, click on that first
    • Moreover, see the “Add channel” button over there
    • Click on that option and install NOGGIN on Roku device
    • After that, it will ask you to fill your Roku account PIN in order to purchase the channel
    • Afterward, you have to click on “Subscribe” button
    • At last you can see the NOGGIN icon on your Roku home screen

    If you have any issues during this process, you can take help from us. Roku com link are providing Roku technical support only for Roku users. Similarly, you can use Roku chat support service.  

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