Friday, 24 March 2017

Plex App is now free for Roku – Watch Plex on Roku Com Link

Do you know about Plex app? We have good news for those are using Roku streaming player. Recently Roku com link has been announced that Plex app is free on Roku. You can enjoy unlimited entertainment via Plex on Roku. Now we are going to tell you about Plex.

About Plex:

Nowadays Plex becomes the best source of entertainment. You can screen lots of streaming collection such as music, audio, videos, images and many more on your device. You can download Plex on your computer system as well as your android phone. Moreover, you can share device media collection to your family and friends as well. Furthermore, you are able to access streaming content on your Roku streaming player. Simply you have to install Plex app on Roku. In addition, you access also on other streaming boxes such as Fire TV, apple TV and many more.

Features of Plex on Roku:

Plex has the new Roku application that is free for Roku users. Now Plex app for Roku has the updated visual design as well as Roku Features. So, you can watch your favorite shows, movies, videos easily on Roku. You can access all this collection through the interface. Apart from this, this interface is much better as compare to previous one. Moreover you can adjust your streaming quality according to your choice.

How to Setup Plex on Roku:

Follow the steps to install Plex on Roku streaming player.  
  •  Firstly, you have to download Plex app from Plex media server on your computer system
  • After that you have to create your Plex account
  •  Similarly, you have to install Plex channel on Roku com link
  • After that, you have to go on as well as log in  
  • Afterward, you have to enter Plex code on this website
  •  Now you are able to launch Plex on your Roku streaming player
  • If you want to upgrade you Plex app, follow read below.

Upgrade Plex app:

It is easy to upgrade Plex app. If you have installed Plex app on Roku, go for force update and update your Plex app easily. Moreover, we are providing you the steps to upgrade Plex app.
  •  Firstly, you have to choose “settings” option from your main menu
  •  After that you have to select “System” option from menu
  •  Afterward, you can select “System update
  •  At last, you have to click on “Check Now

So, these are the steps to upgrade Plex on Roku. If you are facing any issues in this process, no need to worry. You can take help from our Roku technical support. We will provide you the best support as you want. Similarly, you can use our Roku live chat support service I order to solve your problems. We are always here to help you. Just type your problem in the message box. Our technicians will give an instant reply. We are happy to help you.     

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Guidelines for account activation

Although it is easy to activate account, sometimes users face issues during account activation. After reading this helpful guidance, you can easily activate Roku account. Before activating Roku com link account, you have to setup your Roku streaming with your home TV. 

Roku Setup Process:
You have to follow some steps to setup your Roku streaming player.
  •     First of all, make cable connections
  •         You can use HDMI cable and connect Roku streaming player to your home TV
  •         Now you have to connect your Roku streaming player to a power source
  •         You can use power adapter
  •         After that, turn on your Roku streaming player and see the Roku logo on your TV screen
  •         Then move for the on-screen Roku setup process
  •         Firstly, you have to choose your language
  •         After that, you have to select appropriate network connect
  •         Use either wired network connection or wireless network connection
  •         If you want to use wired network connection then you will need the Ethernet cable connection
  •         Otherwise simply select your wireless network connection name
  •         And then enter your security password
  •         once it will get the network connection, wait for the software update
  •         You have to wait for reboot process
  •          Now you can see the Roku com link code on your home screen.  

How to activate account:
You have to follow some steps to activate Roku link account.

  •         Firstly, you have to enter in the browser.
  •         After that, you have to Enter Roku Code on this link
  •         Now you can see the new web page.
  •         There are two options for you, log in or create your Roku account
  •         If you have a Roku account then no need to create a new account again
  •         If you don’t have a Roku account, you have to create a new Roku account
  •         You have to provide some necessary information to create your new Roku account
  •         Fill all required field and click on submit button
  •         After that you have to choose payment method either PayPal or credit card
  •         Then enter your credit card detail here
  •         Now you can see the all channel list
  •         Add your Roku channels that you want to watch
  •         Enjoy your streaming with Roku streaming player

Hope you have completed this process successfully. If you have any issues related to or any other Roku issues, you can take help from our Roku technical support service. We are always here to help you.  

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